Thursday, 9 January 2014

Overshoot Photo's January 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to Overshoot Photo's January 2014 Newsletter

In this issue:-

  • CES - Drones making a stir
  • US announces six drone test sites
  • BBC iPlayer behind the scenes of Earthflight
  • Some Business advice for start-ups
CES - Drones making a stir

The BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones reports from this year's Technology Show - CES in Las Vegas

"Drones - or UAVs as we must learn to call them - are also much in evidence this year. Just a few weeks ago Amazon's plan to deliver parcels via drone was met with a wave of scepticism. But companies like China's DJI are showing more immediately practical uses for drones, from aerial filming to monitoring crops"

Click here to see full article

US announces six Drone Test sites

The US aviation regulator has announced the six states that will host sites for testing commercial use of drones. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) picked Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia. The sites are part of a programme to develop safety and operational rules for drones by the end of 2015.

That's next year, so if you are in the US and are seriously wanting to build up a commercial Aerial Photography Business, you need to get established and ready to go - a Drone, obviously, but also SEO optimised AP website and stay in the loop as to the progress and how you can obtain Approval.

BBC iPlayer - behind the scenes of Earthflight

A Special programme looking at the techniques used in the production of Earthflight, including using microlights and gliders to become part of the flock. (R)

Yet more evidence of the extent that the BBC is using Aerial Photography more and more.

Click here (May not be available in some countries)
Some Business advice for start-ups
Now,I appreciate that some of you are coming from an established Business already and want to add Aerial Photography to your existing Portfolio, but if you are starting from scratch, then you might like to know of a few money saving suggestions that I have used over time. With something like one in three Businesses failing in the first three years, it makes sense to optimise your chances and keep costs to a minimum. I'll post a couple of suggestions each month.

Staples is an online and offline stationery supplier. Make sure that you get its (free) Rewards Card so that you can pick up points each time you shop - and also receive money-off vouchers through the post. For a shop, its prices are pretty competitive.

ClickDocs. Why reinvent the wheel? If you need legal documents such as Terms & Conditions, Employment Contracts, don't pay a Solicitor an arm and a leg when you can have a ready-made one drawn up by a Legal team for a fraction of the cost. ClickDocs covers Business Documents, Partnerships, Commercial documents and Hire Agreements. Click to have a look at the full range.

That's it for this Newsletter. If you want to know more about the Second Hand Draganflys for sale, check out the website and get in touch for further information and to buy. If you are new to the concept, don't forget to download the Whitepaper linked to on the Home Page.

Happy Flying and may 2014 bring you what you want


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