Friday, 20 December 2013

Welcome to Overshoot Photo's December 2013 Newsletter

In this issue:-

  • Draganfly X4 added to 'for sale' list
  • Amazon tests out Drone Delivery
  • BBC report on the above plus Civilian use
  • BBC Drone - Thailand Rally
Draganfly X4 added to 'For Sale'

Overshoot is now selling a Draganfly X4 plus all the usual accessories (stills camera, video camera, Basestation etc.). The X4 is the next model down from the X6. It is lacking the GPS functionality, so the user is unable to use this to record position, nor lock the drone into position - so the pilot has to free-fly it. Apart from that, it is very similar and represents a lower price point into this Business. At this price, it should pay for itself with a few shoots in no time

Click here to see full specs and prices:

Amazon tests out Drone Delivery

Amazon has released a video demonstrating 'PrimeAir', it's new delivery concept using Drones

It's an interesting concept, but that's all it is, a concept. I personally can never see this becoming reality as a commercial option for Amazon. Safety implications both from mechanical failure and collision with other drones, cables, buildings etc. etc. Theft of the Drone, battery life limitations and so on really make it a non-flier (ho ho - it is Christmas). Still, you never know where these ideas take you - perhaps they could be used in Amazon's warehouses in a controlled environment. The picking staff are already called 'drones'...

BBC report on the above plus Civilian use

Not much to add, really. Interesting report.

BBC Drone - Thailand Rally Report
BBC reporting Live from the Thailand Rally with Drone footage. Comments?

My main question is one of safety. That drone is directly over the crowd and descends to just in front of the crowd as the Reporter finishes his piece to camera. In Europe under CAA or EuroUSC rules, this would be a clear violation of clearance rules. I don't care what reassurances would be given by the BBC team, accidents still happen. Here's National Geographic getting into trouble:

I guess the rules in Thailand are slacker. Doesn't mitigate the risk of injuring (or worse) to the public.

Finally, a hark back to the Amazon story. Merry Christmas

cartoon (C) Scott Johnson, c/o

That's it for this Newsletter. If you want to know more about the Second Hand Draganflys for sale, check out the website and get in touch for further information. If you are new to the concept, don't forget to download the Whitepaper linked to on the Home Page

Happy Flying


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