Monday, 23 November 2015

Aerial Photography Directory November 2015 Newsletter

A New Look

The Aerial Photography Directory has undergone a radical makeover. Next time that you are out in public, do take a moment to look at everyone passing by, heads bowed, moving purposefully forwards. Perhaps darting to one side every now and again.

No, they are not on a Route March to work, more likely they are engrossed in their mobile device. It's funny how things come full circle. PCs started with low resolution screens and when t'Internet came along, websites were optimised for smaller screens (640 x 480 pixels, typically).

As technology improved, screen resolution improved and websites got wider to fit more in. It was unthinkable to put any content 'below the fold' as it would not get seen.

When mobile phones arrived, screens were text only. Then Nokia started to introduce low resolution graphic displays, good for playing snake or Tetris and that was about it. However, in the mobile arms race, this extended to larger and larger screens and they also became touch sensitive.

At the current time, a significant number of users use mobile devices that to some extent reflect the low resolution PCs and website designers have had to allow for this. Hence the long, scrolling pages that you see nowadays. Below the fold content is now expected and Google has publicly stated that it will give preference to mobile-enabled websites.

TL;DR  The Aerial Photography Directory is now a single column website, optimised for mobile devices, whilst still being perfectly useable on a PC or Mac. Behind the scenes we have made it much more manageable and are adding a plethora of features for you.

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