Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Overshoot Photos December 2014 Newsletter

In this issue:-

  • Update on the Aerial Photography Directory
  • New regulations - Canada and India
  • Aerial Photography in the news
  • Search and rescue drones
  • Kit for sale
  • And finally...

The Aerial Photography Directory

As I mentioned in the last Newsletter, there is now a one-stop shop for finding Aerial Photography (AP). If you are looking for AP, then this is a good place to start - especially in the UK as there are enough photographers on board for you to find one within reasonable travelling distance.

The USA, Canada and Poland are now in place so we need some photographers there. Remember, it's not just Drones - if you are a mast operator or a kite flyer or pilot full size craft you are more than welcome. It's horses for courses - there is no one-stop solution for an Aerial Photography request.

New Regulations

Since the last Newsletter both Canada and India have issued regulations.


You are responsible to fly your aircraft safely and legally. In Canada, you must:
  • Follow the rules set out in the Canadian Aviation Regulations.
  • Respect the Criminal Code as well as all municipal, provincial, and territorial laws related to trespassing and privacy
For full details, follow the link here


The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has started to look at the issue (prompted, no doubt by the delivery of a pizza via UAV) but until it has announced its regulations, the use of drones is prohibited.

See here for a nicely written summary of a few of the countries (but bear in mind it has been superseded in India at least)

Aerial Photography in the news

Once again, UAVs are hitting the headlines, but still not for the right reasons. Some recent examples


Search and rescue drones

One of the positive uses of Drones are in Search and Rescue scenarios. In the absence of full size craft, they can cover a far larger area than walking searchers and, if equipped with Thermal Imaging cameras, can search out heat sources.

S.W.A.R.M. (Search With Aerial Rc Multi-rotor) is a worldwide volunteer search and rescue network of over 1,100 SAR Drone Pilots dedicated to searching for missing persons. Our primary mission is to offer and provide multi-rotor (drone) and fixed wing aerial search platforms for ongoing Search and Rescue operations at no cost to the SAR organization or to the family. In addition, we want to create increased awareness about the BENEFITS of RC Drone technologies.

If you have a Drone and are interested in becoming a volunteer. why not check out their website?

Kit for Sale

Looking to buy or sell a UAV System? Check out our Marketplace. Another Draganfly X6 has just been added to the growing list.

And Finally...

It's pretty much the end of the year. For those celebrating Christmas or any other festival in some form or another this year, rumour has it that a Drone is one of the best selling gadgets this year and I make no apologies for repeating last year's cartoon

cartoon (C) Scott Johnson, c/o

Thanks for reading and see you in 2015.

Happy flying

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