Friday, 31 August 2012

The First Post

Welcome to Overshoot Photo's Blog

I have been flying a Drone and taking Aerial Photographs commercially since 2009. Even in that short time scale, the market and the regulation has changed rapidly.

In this Blog I will being you my take on the Market, craft, regulations and anything else related. Any interesting images that I shoot I'll publish here with a bit of background info.

Property shoot. I was using the land to shoot a neighbouring farm so shot this as a 'thank you' for using their land

I am aiming for quality rather than quantity so don't expect regular posts although I will endeavour reply to comments in short order. To that extent, all comments will be pre-approved before publication to filter out trolling and spamming. Genuine comments will be as unmoderated as possible, whether positive or negative.

The Gallery contains ground-based images and clipart. At the moment there is plenty of chaff amongst the wheat to get it going but I'm also looking to improve the standard of my ground-based photography as well, with the aim of building up a portfolio. We'll see.

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